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CUT&RUN Kits, Sets and Components

CUT&RUN offers a new approach to study Protein-DNA interaction. CUT&RUN overcomes various downfalls of ChIP-Seq with improved workflow. Especially the background noise is significantly reduced.

Try our CUT&RUN Sets with proven components and save time and money. Any question? Our PhD customer support will gladly help you.

Positive & Negative Control Rabbit anti-Mouse Secondary Rabbit anti-DYKDDDDK Primary Mouse anti-DYKDDDDK Primary ConA Beads
CUT&RUN Pro Complete ABIN6923135
CUT&RUN Pro Direct ABIN6923136
CUT&RUN Pro Sec ABIN6923137
CUT&RUN Pro ABIN6923138
CUT&RUN Core Complete ABIN6923131
CUT&RUN Core Direct ABIN6923132
CUT&RUN Core Sec ABIN6923133
CUT&RUN Core ABIN6923134

CUT&RUN Components

If you want to perform a CUT&RUN assay, you may already have some important components available. Missing items can be found below. All our CUT&RUN products are thoroughly tested and for usage in CUT&RUN assays validated.

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